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Looking to buy a Ford Endeavour

12th May 2021 12:00 pm

I travel a lot to Gujarat and the places I visit do not have great road access. I want a reliable SUV to be chauffeured around in.

I am an architect, and my work sites are usually at places with poor road access or have an road that is under construction. This has made me want to buy a good SUV. I travel a lot to Gujarat, at least three times a month, and from Nashik to Mumbai every week. I need a reliable car that I can drive and also be chauffeured around in. I really like the Ford Endeavour, as it is super comfortable, really good off-road and a great driver’s car. Although, I want to know if I should wait for the twin-turbo version or go for the current BS6 2.0-litre engine variant?

Maitrey, Nashik

The Endeavour is, as you say, a very comfortable vehicle and if you like it, we suggest you go for it because the twin-turbo version isn’t likely to come anytime soon. Our guess is that it won’t come till late 2022. Other options are the new Jeep Compass, which is fantastic to drive on bad roads and is a bit more compact than the Endeavour, although the back seat isn’t as spacious. We also like the MG Gloster, which is even bigger than the Endeavour, has better ride quality and a more spacious back seat. It feels a bit sluggish at low revs though and doesn’t have fit and finish like the Ford.

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