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Looking for a scooter or motorcycle for daily commute

1st Sep 2020 4:32 pm

Looking for a sturdy, reliable and fuel efficient two-wheeler for daily 50km commute. Which models should I consider?

I’m looking for a fuel-efficient, sturdy and reliable two-wheeler (motorcyle or scooter) that can accommodate two and be used for commute between office and home. The total travel distance is approximately 50km.

Sridhar K, Bengaluru

Given the fact that you need to cover a fair distance, we’d recommend a 125cc scooter or a 125cc motorcycle, if not a 150cc motorcycle. The advantages of a scooter are that it can be shared between the family, and the convenience of the under-seat storage space and automatic riding experience. Meanwhile, a motorcycle is much more stable at higher speeds and it will generally be more fuel-efficient as well. If you buy a bike above 125cc you will also have the added security of ABS. Our suggestions to you for a practical scooter would be the Suzuki Access 125. If it’s a motorcycle that you find more appealing, you could consider the new Honda SP 125.

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