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Looking for a pre-owned bike suitable for daily commutes and touring

13th Sep 2020 12:00 pm

I am looking for a bike that is not heavy, easy to use in the city and comfortable on long rides.

I am looking to buy a pre-owned bike (my first purchase) and have narrowed my options to the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and the TVS Apache RTR160 4V. I am looking for a bike that's not very heavy, good for touring, handles well and is not too bad in city. Also, I am 6"1' so hope that all these bikes would suit my frame well. What is your recommendation based on these factors?

I also have a question around rear lift protection (RLP) that is available on the RTRs. The earlier RTR's didn't have ABS but only RLP and based on my understanding, RLP achieves the same purpose as an ABS - to avoid locking up the front wheel. Considering my first purchase, I don't want to take any risk with respect to safety and want to know if RLP alone also suffices.

Sanket Jain, Ghaziabad

Of the three you have mentioned, the Bajaj RS 200 is the best, especially for touring performance. I am 6”1’ too and don’t feel too cramped on the RS, but I do find the TVS RTRs to be quite small. Be aware that the RS is a commonly poorly used/abused motorcycle, so be careful to find a clean example.

Rear lift protection works as a function of ABS, Essentially, when the ABS system detects that the rear wheel is coming off the ground, it engages the front ABS, which reduces the braking force just enough to bring the rear wheel back in contact with the ground. Some ABS systems have it and some don’t, but you won’t find a bike that has RLP and doesn’t have ABS. 

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