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Looking for a 600cc-plus sports bike

19th Sep 2018 12:00 pm

Shortlisted the Kawasaki Z650 and the Suzuki GSX-S750.

Due to metro rail and flyover construction activity on my daily commute route, traffic has become unbearable. I am looking at a big bike to commute on instead. I’ve test-ridden both the Suzuki GSX-S750 and the Kawasaki Z650 for the city ride and found them both fantastic. The Gixxer sounds great, while the Z650 is very easy to manoeuvre in city traffic. I couldn’t test ride the Suzuki in heavy traffic, while I could do so with the Z650. Along with being nimble and light, heat management is also great in the Kawasaki. Can the Gixxer do so in heavy city traffic?
Siddhartha Palecanda, Bengaluru

The Kawasaki is a friendly but potent street bike while the Suzuki is much more powerful and sporty in general. From a pure city-riding standpoint, the Kawasaki will probably be easier to live with. But the truth is that both bikes will eventually get tedious when thrust into daily traffic jams. Instead, why don’t you look at a comfortable scooter for the daily chaotic big city commute and save the big bike for more relaxed and enjoyable weekend rides. If you plan to use your big bike in this manner, the Suzuki will be more exciting and rewarding.

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