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Lights out

14th Feb 2014 6:14 pm

Wants to know why the headlamps in the Wagon R are getting blown frequently.


The headlamps in my Wagon-R blow out frequently – I change them almost twice a month. The service engineer says the electrical connections seem fine, though. Please advice.
Badhri Narayanan, Chennai 
AAA If your headlamps are getting blown frequently, it might be due to a loose contact in the holder assembly itself – generally skipped over by most technicians. Check if the bulb is secured well in the holder (i.e. it doesn’t move around when tapped, as it would when the car goes over potholes and speed breakers). Change the holder assembly for both lamps if required. Also look for any water in the vicinity of the assembly. If the holder seems secure, have the regulator/rectifier unit checked and replaced if required. This controls the output of your electrical system and if faulty, the bulbs may end up being fed too high a voltage and ultimately blow
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