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Leaking turbocharger on 2010 Maruti Dzire

30th May 2016 3:48 pm

The turbocharger is leaking and requires a total replacement. Could it be a manufacturing defect and can I claim cost from the company?


The turbocharger on my 2010 Maruti Swift Dzire is leaking and requires total replacement. Could this be a manufacturing defect, and can I claim the cost from the manufacturer?
Suresh Nainani, via email

AAA It depends on how old your car is. If your car is still under warranty, there is a possibility of claiming it from the manufacturer. But since the car is 5 years old, it is unlikely.

The Multijet diesel engine, manufactured by Fiat, has a reputation for being bulletproof. For any modern CRDi engine, the most common reason for such failures is improper grade, quality and quantity of engine oil. There is always a possibility that during one of the services of the car, the oil was billed to you but not changed.

For future reference, it is best to drain engine oil while the engine is still hot. Usually, oil is drained at the service centres after the oil has cooled and the sludge has once again settled to the bottom of the pan.

Despite irregular maintenance, the Multijet is still unlikely to complain until around 1 lakh kilometres. Injectors, fuel pump and other ancillaries may also give some trouble around this point, again due to irregular fuel quality.

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