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Jaguar XE or BMW 3-series

20th Jul 2017 1:36 pm

Which car offers a better driving experience, the BMW 3-series of the Jaguar XE?


I want to buy a car and I have heard that the Jaguar XE has great drive experience but the BMW 3-series has a better gearbox though. My main requirements are a good driving experience and a sporty driving nature.
Tushar, Meerut

AAA The Jaguar XE is clearly the sportier of the two and, overall, we find it a better driver’s car, thanks to its superb steering feel, strong 2.0-litre engine (in 240hp guise) and a fantastic ride. It uses the same eight-speed ZF gearbox as the 3-series, but you are right, the gearshift feel and response is a bit better in the 3-series because of the way BMW has calibrated the gearbox. 

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