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Is the Fiat Abarth Punto still a good buy?

17th Jun 2019 10:22 am

I am looking to buy a Fiat Abarth Punto, though am concerned about after sales service as Fiat is leaving India. Is it still worth buying?


I’m planning on buying a Fiat Abarth Punto but I have concerns about its service, as I heard that the company is going to shut shop in India. How would I manage the aftersales service and spares for the
Punto? Should I buy the car considering these factors?

Jojo Mathew, Ernakulam

AAA - This is a car you buy with your heart and not your head and we can say that the Punto Abarth is the last of the true hot hatches you will be able to buy this year. So we would say listen to your heart and buy it, but keep your eyes wide open as well. Fiat’s service is not the best and with the discontinuation of the brand, finding parts in the long run will be harder. However, that’s not to say servicing the car will be a nightmare. It’s just that you will have to find the right workshop who can do the job for you. Look at it as a labour of love to justify your purchase.


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