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Is it advisable to buy a used Fiat Punto diesel?

30th Mar 2020 9:00 am

Considering that Fiat has shut shop in India, is it wise to buy a used Punto diesel now?


Will it be wise to buy a used Fiat Punto diesel now, considering that the company has shut shop in India? I plan to keep it for the next five years. Will spares be an issue?

Jitupon Gogoi, Guwahati

AAA - The Punto diesel is quite a hardy car, so if you have found one in good condition, it should last you for another 4-5 years. With the Fiat brand shut down, parts will be harder to come by, but not impossible. The good thing is that Fiat dealers haven’t shut down with the company and still continue operations with the Jeep brand. So, finding a competent workshop won’t be an issue but you do have to consider the parts availability in the long run.

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