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Inadequate headlamp throw in Ford EcoSport

6th Mar 2017 12:00 pm

I find driving on highways at night difficult due to the inadequate headlamp throw. Should I replace the bulbs or install projector headlamps?

I find driving on highways at night difficult due to the inadequate headlamp throw of my 2014 Ford EcoSport 1.5 Titanium MT. I want to change the headlight bulbs of my car. Should I go for white halogen bulbs (as they are brighter than yellow ones) or should I go for projectors, which are costlier than halogens? I am looking for headlights which provide good  visibility,  far and wide.
Tanmay Kanathia, Faridabad

AAA Before going for extreme modifications, we’d suggest a simple upgrade to a higher- wattage bulb as it is a fool-proof solution and an easy, less-than-five-minute DIY job.

We’d suggest Philips X-treme Vision H4-type rated 60/55W for you. The wattage is recommended by Ford so you don’t run a risk of the electrical system being overstressed as well.

Your owners’ manual has a step-by-step guide on replacing headlamps under the Maintenance section, but simple steps are outlined:

1. Ensure that the car is completely turned off and key removed.
2. Open the hood.
3. Pull out the protective rubber casing behind the headlight assembly.
4. Release the clamps holding the bulb in place and pull out the OEM bulb.
5. Replace the bulbs – they can go in only one way so take your time and ensure the indents are aligned.
6. Put back the clamps – they should snap back in place easily.
7. Put back the rubber casing securely. This is to ensure that water and any foreign material doesn’t enter the headlamp assembly.

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