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Housing issues

30th Mar 2015 12:52 pm

What is the housing of the Qualis?


What is the housing of a car? I sent my Qualis for servicing recently and was told that “the car housing emits a sound”. What could the reason be, and how can it be fixed? Also, what will be the resale value of a Qualis 2002 GST, 1.22-lakh-km, with company service?
Vaisakh, Trivandrum
AAA There are a myriad of housings in a vehicle. Basically, it is any part that ‘houses’ a number of smaller parts, like the gearbox housing (which houses the gears and shafts), headlight housing (which houses the headlight bulb and reflectors), and so on. So you will have to check with the service executive as to what exactly he is referring to.
The Qualis holds its value rather well, but the price in the second-hand market depends on a lot of factors – condition of the vehicle, city and so on. 1.2 lakh kilometres is not a lot of mileage for the Toyota, so you can still expect anywhere between Rs 2-2.5 lakh if you choose to sell it.
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