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Honda Hornet 160R or Yamaha FZ Version 2.0

10th Sep 2017 6:02 am

Choosing between the Honda Hornet 160R and the Yamaha FZ Version 2.0 with a Rs 1 lakh budget.

I want to purchase a new bike within a budget of Rs 1 lakh. I am confused between the Honda Hornet and the Yamaha FZ v2. My priorities are stability and mileage. Performance and top speeds are not important to me. I have read that the FZ v2 has only a 40km mileage, even after upgrading to a FI system. I always ride within speed limits of 40-70kph and would want a bike which is fuel efficient at these speeds.
Delvin T Madathil, via email

AAA If you are going to be riding the bike within the 40-70kph zone, you can expect similar mileage figures from both bikes. However, overall, we feel the Yamaha FZ Version 2.0 is a better all-round bike. It has a more tractable engine and is generally the friendlier bike to ride.

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