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Ford EcoSport or Hyundai Creta

7th Sep 2016 11:45 am

My budget is up to Rs 15 lakhs and I wish to use the SUV for frequent out-of-town trips.


I plan to buy an SUV, which I’ll use for frequent out-of-town trips. My budget is up to Rs 15 lakh and I’ve shortlisted the Hyundai Creta and Ford EcoSport. Which one should I go for? Also, please let me know if there’s a better option within the budget.
Vaibhav Kumar, via email

AAA The EcoSport is a good choice for city commuting and if you are self driven. It’s a really nice car to drive with excellent ride and handling and good performance. However, the Creta is overall a better choice as it feels more premium, has better interiors and is very refined too. The Creta is a size bigger as well and hence offers greater passenger space and a larger boot.

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