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Finding a Premier Padmini

3rd Aug 2016 12:00 pm

Is there an outfit capable of finding a Premier Padmini and shipping it to the US?


I learned how to drive on a “Fiat” (Padmini, actually) back in 1976! I am now in Sunnyvale, California, and would love to be able to find one of these for my son. Do you know of an outfit in India that might be capable of finding and shipping one to the US?
Aditya Agarwal, California, US

AAA You will find several Fiats with connoisseurs in India, but as far as exporting to the US goes, it is likely to be impossible because of the import norms for motor vehicles. A car manufactured abroad needs to conform to US safety, bumper and emission standards — the Padmini is likely to fail on all counts!

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