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Which engine oil is best for my 2016 Tata Zest diesel

8th Aug 2020 8:00 am

Which engine oil is better the Castrol Magnatec Professional T 5W30 or Petronas Syntium 5000 5W30? Also is the recommended 15,000km service interval fine or should i get the car serviced every 10,000km?

My 2016 Tata Zest Quadrajet 90 diesel is due for service and is maintained only at Tata authorised service centre. Tata Motors recommends Castrol Magnatec Professional T 5W30 or Petronas Syntium 5000 5W30 for it, which among these two oils will be the best in terms of refinement and overall performance?

Tata Motors also recommends a service interval of 1 year/15,000km. Is it fine to go by 15,000km service or should I get it serviced at 10,000km?

Madhan, Madurai

The 1.3L Quadrajet 90 is a powerful, robust and reliable motor and works best with the 5W30 grade of engine oil. Hence, we would recommend opting for the Castrol Magnatec 5W30 for your Tata Zest for its superior lubricating properties and the good overall performance offered.

With regards to the oil change interval, given our dusty and extreme weather conditions, it is best advised to change the engine oil every 10,000km as a safety precaution instead of the recommended 15,000km as the oil may have deteriorated with increased running.

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