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8th Apr 2013 5:17 pm

Wants to know whether one can ensure if the engine oil and nitrogen filled in the tyres after servicing has been completed by the service centre.

Is there any way to ensure the engine oil has been changed and nitrogen filled in the tyres after servicing of a bike has been completed by the service centre?

Also, I have been told my engine will run best only after 3000km; can you throw some more light on this please? So far my bike hasn’t crossed 50kph or 4000rpm on the odometer.

Nikunj, Mumbai

AAA Asking for engine oil and tyre pressure to be filled in your presence is a way to make sure this has happened properly. A proven way for you to run in your new bike is as follows:

Ride slowly keeping engine speeds to no more than 3000-4000rpm without stressing the engine at all for 500km.

Avoid riding long distances for the first 1000km.

Avoid riding with a pillion as far as possible within the first 500km.

Avoid riding up steep inclines as far as possible for the first 500km.

Gradually start pushing the bike towards higher rpm, at fixed intervals, for example by riding the bike keeping engine speeds within 5000rpm from 500-700km, then to 6000rpm between 700-800km, 7000rpm for 800-900km and finally, 8000rpm between 900-1000km.

Push the bike as hard as you would like to, even running it briefly up to its rev limit after you have completed 1000km, and immediately have the engine-oil changed and oil-filter cleaned.

Your bike engine is now run-in and ready for regular use.

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