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Diesel oil additives for Skoda Rapid

15th Dec 2015 3:03 pm

I have been using diesel oil additives for all my vehicles while my son-in-law has been advised against it. Why so?


l’ve recently purchased a new Skoda Rapid, which has now run only 40,000km. I have been using diesel oil additives for all my vehicles. My son-in-law, who owns a Vento that’s run 31,000km, has been advised by the technicians to avoid use of diesel additives. Why so?
Suresh, Kakinada, AP

AAA Modern common rail diesel engines do not require additives to run smoothly and we recommend that you don’t use any additive that is not manufacturer-recommended as it may void your warranty. It is for the same reason that using extra premium diesel fuel is not recommended (as they contain additives as well).

If you absolutely want to use an additive, we recommend that you use a brand called Stanadyne – an American brand which is recommended by most major manufacturers, including VW, for their diesel engines. It may be difficult to procure in India compared to System D and other additives, but as we said earlier – if the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it, please avoid using it.

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