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Deciding between the MG Gloster and Kia Carnival

28th Apr 2021 1:00 pm

After driving both vehicles I feel the Carnival is better to drive but I like the luxurious feel of the Gloster's cabin and the equipment it packs in. I want a hassle free aftersales and ownership experience with my new car.

I am planning to buy a new car and have test driven the MG Gloster and Kia Carnival. Driving both was a good experience but the Carnival was better. The Gloster felt sluggish at low speeds, and the gear and engine tuning isn't as good. On the other hand, the Gloster’s cabin feels luxurious and the panoramic sunroof adds more charm. I am leaning towards the Gloster but I have heard a lot of reliability issues concerning the MG Hector and Gloster, hence, I am sceptical. I want peace of mind after the buying experience and for aftersales service as well.

Pratik Thakkar, Mumbai

You are right, one of the weaknesses of the Gloster is the sluggish response at low revs, which we have highlighted in our review as well. However, your other concerns about the Gloster are unfounded. Apart from the odd software glitch, the Gloster is pretty reliable and in fact, MG’s service is one of the best today, thanks to the company’s focus on the aftersales experience. So, if your heart is set on the Gloster, you should go right ahead and buy it.

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