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Deciding between a Kia Seltos and a Kia Sonet

16th Dec 2020 12:00 pm

I am confused whether to buy the Sonet GTX+ DCT or the Seltos HTX automatic within my budget of Rs 15-17 lakh.

I’m very confused whether to buy the Kia Sonet GTX+ DCT or the Seltos HTX automatic. My budget is around Rs 15-17 lakh.

Vardhaman, Hyderabad

This a classic conundrum that a lot of buyers face. Should you buy a small car with more features and equipment or the lower variant of a bigger car. Our view is that you should go for the smaller car, unless you need extra space. You get more features and equipment and if you are mainly driving yourself, it does not matter that much if you have a smaller car.

It’s true that the bigger Seltos will have a slightly better ride and give you a ‘big car’ feel, but the Sonet is so well equipped and well-built that we think it’s better to go for it, unless you are regularly using the back seat, which in fact is the Sonet’s biggest weakness.

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