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Clutch burn-out on 2014 Volkswagen Vento

2nd Jun 2015 11:55 am

Is a clutch burn-out within 2200km possible or is it a manufacturing defect?

Is a clutch burn-out within 2200km possible? Could it be a manufacturing fault on my Volkswagen Vento 2014?

Sachin Singh, Mumbai

AAA Unless someone has ridden the clutch the entire 2200km or abused it repeatedly, it is unlikely. It’s possible that the Vento’s clutch plate was worn out even before the first service, but the service centre will definitely not agree to this. You will have to pressurise the service advisor and other relevant staff to replace it under warranty, else you will end up with a massive bill. Have the flywheel checked for signs of damage as well, since a faulty flywheel may end up damaging the new clutch plate very quickly. 

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