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Choosing between the Mercedes S-class or Audi A8

27th Jul 2020 8:00 am

Which of the two cars should I buy? Should I also stretch my budget and consider the Maybach S560?

I want to thank the team at Autocar India for keeping us informed and producing great content in times of such uncertainty. I was looking at buying a car in the full-size luxury segment and was quite confused in between the Mercedes S-class and the Audi A8. Or should I push my budget a little and go for the Maybach S560?

MithileshTulsian, Hyderabad

If you can afford to stretch your budget, the Maybach S560 will give you a majestic experience like no other car. The A8 is more contemporary and packed with tech but it can’t soothe you the way the Maybach does, which is the pinnacle of luxury in this lot.

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