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Choosing between the Bajaj Pulsar 180F and the Yamaha R15S

22nd May 2019 9:14 am

Which is the better option, the Bajaj Pulsar 180F or the Yamaha R15S?

Which one should I buy in between the newly launched Bajaj Pulsar 180F and the Yamaha R15S?
Pravas, Cuttack

AAA These two motorcycles aren’t really direct rivals and offer very different riding experiences, even though their power figures are quite similar.The Pulsar 180F is now quite an old motorcycle, but it has received a number of updates over the years to keep it relevant. With its upright riding position and punchy mid-range, the Pulsar will make for amore comfortable and practical city motorcycle.

The R15S costs a significant amount more than the Pulsar, and for the increased price, you get premium features like perimeter chassis, a 6-speed gearbox andEW a fully faired design. The R15S is an excellent handler and along with its revvy engine, it is definitely the more exciting bike to ride. Make your decision based on which you value more – practicality or sportiness.


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