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Choosing between an Audi A4 and BMW 5-series

1st Apr 2018 6:00 am

Advice on premium luxury sedans and choosing between a BMW 5-series or an Audi A4.


Should I buy the BMW 5-series or the Audi A4? I know both are from different segments but I am considering the top-spec Audi A4, which costs around  Rs 50 lakh, and the base model of the BMW 5-series, which costs around Rs 57 lakh. Which is more value for money?
Kushal Agarwal, Kolkata

AAA The A4 is a very refined car with a great ride and fantastic build quality but, overall, the 5-series is a much more compelling package in terms of driving pleasure and image. We feel you should go for the 5-series. It is a size bigger than the A4 and will be more comfortable too.

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