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Choosing between a Royal Enfield Thunderbird and UM Renegade Commando

5th Dec 2017 6:00 am

Deciding between the Royal Enfield Thunderbird and UM Renegade Commando.

I’m confused between the RE Thunderbird and the UM Renegade Commando. Please tell me about the Renegade’s performance. Which one should I go for?
Devendra Kumar, Bhopal

AAA Although both these motorcycles fall in the same cruiser genre, they have very different characters. With the Royal Enfield Thunderbird, you get the pleasure of that large, single-cylinder 350/500cc motor that is abundant with torque, and has a lot of character that comes with the vintage cruiser styling. RE has also been steadily ironing out reliability issues on its motorcycles. With the UM Renegade Commando, you get the benefit of slightly more refinement and a liquid-cooled 280cc motor. You also get traditional American cruiser styling that really gives the bike a commanding road presence. UM Motorcycles too has been working on fixing its finishing and reliability issues. So it all boils down to a personal choice. Both bikes have extremely comfortable ergonomics that’s expected from cruiser motorcycles. It’s better you test-ride both and see which one suits your riding style and body type better. In terms of performance, the Thunderbird 350 and Commando are similar, but with the RE, you get that added grunt from the extra displacement.

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