The Duster is good for long-distance trips.
The Duster is good for long-distance trips.

Choosing between a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Baleno and Renault Duster

28th Jan 2019 6:30 am

Which one would be ideal for road trips and a drive up to Ladakh?


I want to buy a new car and have shortlisted the Maruti Suzuki Baleno Delta (P), Ertiga VXi (P), and the Renault Duster RXL (P). I want to take it for road trips of around 300-400km and also someday realise my dream of driving up to Ladakh. I don’t intend to sell my current car, a 2012 Dzire, and will keep the new car for at least eight years. Are there other options I can look at?
Shounak Mitra, Kolkata

AAA If you are planning to go to Ladakh and on other long-distance trips then there’s no doubt that the Duster is the only car you should consider. The Duster is a fantastic long-distance car thanks to its amazing suspension and ability to tackle bad roads. It is far more capable than either the Baleno or Ertiga, which we would think twice about before taking on bad roads and high altitudes. While the petrol Duster does the job, we feel you should look at the diesel Duster. It will have more torque and the turbocharged engine won’t lose performance like a naturally aspirated petrol at high altitudes would, making it easier to drive.

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