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Choosing between a Jeep Compass and Skoda Octavia

10th Feb 2020 8:00 am

Looking for a new automatic car with a good engine, in the Rs 30 lakh budget. Which is better - the Jeep Compass or the Skoda Octavia?


I want an automatic car with a good engine, at about Rs 30 lakh. Which one should I pick between the Jeep Compass and the Skoda Octavia? Do you suggest any other model?

Amit Agarwal, Bengaluru

AAA - Both cars are completely different. One is a hard-as-nails SUV and the other is a premium sedan. So it really boils down to your needs. For long distances, especially on rough roads and a bit off-road too, the Compass will tackle difficult terrain far better than the Octavia. If your usage is mainly in the city, with occasional highway running, the Skoda is better. Overall, it is a more refined, smoother and a more comfortable car to drive.

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