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Choosing between a Jeep Compass and a Honda Civic

25th Jul 2019 3:09 pm

Looking for a comfortable five-seater to use for long daily commutes, in the Rs 30 lakh category. Which is better, the Jeep Compass or the Honda Civic?


I know that the Jeep Compass and Honda Civic belong to different classes, but I cannot decide which would be a better fit for my daily commute that has me do 50-70 km on the highway. As we are a family of five, I’m looking for a comfortable five-seater. My preference is an automatic gearbox, along with good mileage and low maintenance cost.
Kush Parikh, Ahmedabad

AAA If you are driving mainly on the highway, there is no question that the Compass is a better choice. Firstly, the ride quality and high-speed stability are superb. It has a nice torquey engine that makes overtaking quite easy, and then you have the ground clearance of an SUV, which is always useful when tackling a bad patch on the highway or tall speed breakers. The Civic has a nicer interior, feels more upmarket, and is much easier to drive thanks to its light controls, but in the end, it is a city car and feels best in an urban environment.


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