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Choosing between a Honda Civic and a MG Hector

29th Aug 2019 12:00 pm

Which of these is a better purchase in the price segment - the MG Hector or the Honda Civic?


Which is the better pick – the MG Hector or the Honda Civic?

Mayank Jain, Mumbai

AAA - These are two completely different vehicles and the decision really depends on your needs. The Hector is a good choice if you want space, loads of features and a high-riding car to tackle Mumbai’s badly paved roads. In fact, the Hector’s low-speed ride is one of its strengths. The Civic is nowhere near as spacious as the Hector and the low stance compromises back seat comfort to some extent. However, the Civic is a far better engineered  and a more enjoyable and satisfying car to drive. Also, it is smaller than the Hector, which makes it much easier to punt around town.


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