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Choosing a Rs 60 lakh luxury sedan

10th Jul 2017 12:59 pm

I have shortlisted the Audi A6 and the Volvo S90 within my Rs 60 lakh budget. Which one should I buy?


I would like to purchase a luxury car within a budget of Rs 60 lakh. I can’t make up my mind between the Audi A6 and the Volvo S90 and require your suggestion on the same.
Aakash Shesh, via email

AAA The S90 is the more modern car and makes the A6 feel a bit outdated. We love the Volvo’s design and the interiors too are superbly finished with top-quality materials and a light, airy feel. The engine isn’t as refined or punchy as we would have liked but, overall, the S90 offers a very luxurious experience. The A6 too is a very good car and, as it nears the end of its lifecycle, Audi has thrown lots of features into it to maintain its appeal. Apart from being very well-equipped, it’s refined too and you can get some great deals on the A6 these days. It’s just that it’s now a bit old compared to its rivals.

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