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Changing Gears

15th Dec 2012 5:22 pm

Will Renault ever launch an automatic Duster in India?

I am interested to know whether Renault has any plans in the near future to launch an automatic-gearbox version of the Duster. I have been driving  an Innova for the last four years and am very happy with it. I live in Bangalore and traffic conditions have been getting worse over the years, and though the Innova is a great car, it is no longer a convenient drive. Of all the recently launched cars, I’ve been most impressed with the Duster and would like to know how long I will have to wait to own a Renault Duster automatic. 

P A Narayan, Bangalore
AAA There are no plans to launch a Duster automatic because, globally, Dacia (or Renault) does not sell the Duster automatic in right-hand-drive configuration yet. What you will get however, is a 4x4 version sometime in 2013.
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