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Changing brake pads of 2013 Maruti Swift

18th May 2015 10:35 am

When is the ideal time to change the brake pads?

When must the brake pads for a Maruti Suzuki Swift 2013 be replaced? The dealer advised me to change them when I took the car for the 20,000km service. He also told me that if not replaced now, I might have to change the rotor at 30,000km. Is he telling me the truth? Because frankly, I don’t feel any difference in the braking yet.
EhjazHabeebullah, via email

AAA Brake pads are among the most frequently used components of your car, and the rate at which they wear depends on driving style and traffic conditions. 20,000 kilometres sounds about right for a brake overhaul and, in any case, it isn’t a huge expense. Worn out rotors may compromise braking (you won’t get any warning when it happens) and as the dealer has rightly mentioned, if you wear out the rotors unevenly, replacing them can lead to significant expense.

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