The KTM 250 Duke is a quick but relatively comfortable option.
The KTM 250 Duke is a quick but relatively comfortable option.

Buying a new 350cc bike with a Rs 2 lakh budget

26th Feb 2019 2:41 pm

Is there an option besides the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X?

I have a Rs 2 lakh budget and I need a 350cc motorcycle. I have shortlisted the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X. I want to ask, does the bike really vibrate after 80kph and if it really does so, than what is the another option?
Ativeer Sangwan, Rohtak

AAA At this budget, the 350 Royal Enfields are your only real option for an engine capacity of that size. These engines are very torquey and offer an appealing riding experience at lower speeds, but the vibrations become harsh above 80kph. For this kind of money, the only direct options are the new Jawas, but they are sold out until September 2019.

If you’re looking at lazy, relaxed riding, the Royal Enfields will meet your needs. But if you want to comfortably hold higher speeds on the highway, you’re going to have to look at something more sporty. Quick but relatively comfortable options here include the KTM 250 Duke and the Bajaj Dominar. The KTM is due to get ABS soon, while the Dominar is going to receive a significant overhaul in early 2019 and it will get better suspension and more power, among other things

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