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Buying a luxury car between Rs 25-30 lakh

1st Feb 2020 5:26 pm

Looking for a car with a good ride and luxurious interiors in the Rs 25-30 lakh price range.


I’m looking to buy a new car priced between Rs 25-30 lakh. I am more concerned with the ride quality, handling, and luxurious interiors. Which car would you recommend? Do you think I could get better deals in March 2020, when manufacturers might be trying to get rid of their existing BS4 stock, on cars like the Audi A4 or the BMW 3 Series?

Kunal Nahata, Kolkata

AAA - Audi and BMW will be liquidating their BS4 stock, but it’s unlikely there will be any BS4 cars left by March. To avoid a ‘fire’ sale or panic discounting, carmakers are ensuring they exhaust their BS4 cars well before April 2020. Hence, it is highly unlikely that you will get an Audi A4 or a BMW 3 Series at a throwaway price.

A good option in your budget is a Skoda Superb, which you should get for a bit over Rs 30 lakh, if you factor in the discounts. If this is too expensive for you, then the Skoda Octavia petrol is an excellent choice too.

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