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Buying a Discovery Sport or Evoque?

6th Jul 2017 12:51 pm

Which one of these two would be more practical?


I wish to buy a Range Rover Evoque but my father says it’s an impractical SUV, with the car being small and the back seat being cramped, and he also says that the shortcomings make this car expensive. He instead recommended the Discovery Sport, which he says does not have the mentioned issues. Which other premium SUV can I buy within a budget of Rs 65-75 lakh, considering pre-GST discounts?
Rajendra, Bengaluru

AAA Your father is right. The Evoque is far more impractical than the Discovery Sport, which also comes with a small pair of jump seats in the rear that classifies it as a seven-seater. If you don’t need the space and want a stylish car, you could consider waiting for the Volvo XC60 which is expected in November. It looks stunning and the interiors, too, are very impressive. It will also come with air suspension, a powerful diesel engine and a host of safety features which puts it in a different league in comparison to other SUVs in the same price bracket.

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