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Buying a comfortable 300cc bike

9th Dec 2017 6:00 am

With a Rs 2 lakh budget, is the Bajaj Dominar a better choice or the Mahindra Mojo?

I want a bike with a displacement of 300cc. I will use it predominantly in the city with some occasional touring. I cover around 60km daily. I do have a few requirements: I experience back pain so the bike
has to be comfortable and it has to be sturdy.

My budget is around Rs 2 lakh. I went on a test ride of the Mahindra Mojo and liked it very much. However, I didn’t get a chance to try out the Dominar. Please help me pick the best bike.
Varadharajan V, via email

AAA Both these models you’ve mentioned are good motorcycles. Of the two, the Mahindra Mojo is certainly the more comfortable one, while the Bajaj Dominar will offer more performance. The only real downside to the Dominar is that the rear suspension runs slightly stiff. We would suggest you take a test ride of the Dominar to check if it feels manageable to you. But if comfortable city riding and occasional touring are significantly higher priorities over outright performance, we strongly suggest you check out the Yamaha FZ25. It should meet your requirements just fine and is well within your budget. Plus, traditionally, Yamaha bikes have an excellent track record of quality and reliability.

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