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Buying a BS-IV-compliant VW Vento before BS-VI norms

3rd Apr 2019 11:42 am

Advice on whether buying a now or after the BS-VI emission norms begin.


I am planning to buy the BS-IV-compliant Volkswagen Vento Comfortline auto. Since the government is planning to launch BS-VI fuel this year and many automakers will move to making BS-VI-compliant cars, is it worth buying a BS-IV car now or should I wait for one more year? What impact will BS-VI fuel have on a BS-IV car? Also, if the Vento fulfils Euro-VI norms, will it be able to handle BS-VI fuel efficiently in terms of mileage and engine wear and tear?
Jeevan Sonawane, Thane

AAA There is no problem buying a BS-IV Vento right now and even after BS-VI norms come into effect next April, your BS-IV car will be perfectly legal. Also, BS-IV cars can run on BS-VI fuels without a problem. The advantage of buying a car right now is that it will be much cheaper than a BS-VI Vento, whose price is expected to jump up substantially. However, when it’s time to sell, a BS-VI car will have a better resale value. All car companies, including Volkswagen, have done enough testing and validation of BS-VI engines (equivalent to Euro-VI) in India on BS-VI fuel to ensure their reliability.

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