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Braking needs

30th Apr 2013 9:42 pm

Wants to know whether an aftermarket ABS can be fitted to his VW Vento.

My 2012 Volkswagen Vento doesn’t have ABS, and I would like to have it fitted. Is this possible and if yes, how much would it cost?

CKS Panikar, via email

Fitting an aftermarket ABS is not recommended. Though the Vento has provisions for ABS (higher-spec models come with it), the reliability will be a huge question mark as you would be meddling with something as critical as brakes. It will also void your warranty, the dealer would refuse to service the system and a regular garage won’t have the know-how to deal with it.Since you’re stuck with a non-ABS car, your best bet is to upgrade the tyres and brake pads to reduce stopping distances, though preventing a lock-up under hard braking will be difficult since that is what an ABS does. Contact Red Rooster Racing in Bangalore at 080-43408899 for performance pads. However, check with your dealer if these upgrades would affect warranty.

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