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Automatic choice

23rd Jun 2013 8:12 pm

Wants an auto mid-size saloon and luxury car for city driving.

I plan to buy two automatic transmission cars – one a small or mid-size saloon and the other either a Skoda Superb or Hyundai Sonata. Which would be the best bets for city driving?

Vikram P, via email

AAA In the mid-size segment, you could consider the Ford Fiesta automatic — an under-rated car, but the nicest in its class. The six-speed twin clutch gearbox is very responsive and it’s fuel efficient too. The only worry is, because there’s such little demand for the Fiesta, resale value is likely to be poor.

Between the Superb and Sonata, we’d advise you to go for the Superb. It’s better built, more luxurious and offers a nicer drive.

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