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Aftersales concerns

4th Jun 2014 3:54 pm

Wants to know about the ownership experience that a Volkswagen Polo GT TSI buyer can expect.


I am keen on buying the VW Polo GT TSI. But I have one major concern. I have been informed by my friends and relatives that Volkswagen India offers a very poor aftersales experience. I have also heard some really bad reviews of Volkswagen’s dealership and sales experience. What is your take on the ownership experience that a Polo GT TSI buyer should expect?
Prateek Sharma, via email
AAA You have received the right information. Volkswagen India has a reputation for not providing a good quality of service which ends up affecting the overall ownership experience. One often gets to hear complaints about high maintenance costs and a long wait for spares. But, the GT TSI is one of the best cars to drive in its class. For the driving pleasure it offers, we would still suggest you go for it. But remain alert for any aftersales or service issues.
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