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After-sales thought

25th Oct 2012 5:10 pm

Wants to know how good is Skoda's after-sales service?


I want to buy a Skoda Superb,  but the negative after-sales service feedback I’ve come  across on the internet has put my decision on hold for the moment. Is it true that Skoda’s after-sales service is that bad?

Aravind JR, via email
AAA: It’s true that Skoda’s reputation for after-sales service is dubious and there have been lots of horror stories floating around in cyberspace. However, we feel that the after-sales is not horrific enough to stop  you from buying the Superb.  You may have to learn how to tackle your specific dealer, but bear in mind that there is new management at Skoda now whose main focus above everything else is to sort out service-related issues and restore customers’ confidence 
in the brand. We hope they  will succeed.


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