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A good mid-sized automatic sedan

18th May 2017 11:15 am

I have shortlisted the Honda City CVT, the Maruti Ciaz automatic and the Vento TSI and want to know which one to buy.

I want to buy an automatic sedan. I have shortlisted the Maruti Ciaz automatic, VW Vento TSI and the Honda City CVT. I think that the engineering (DSG transmission), interior and ride quality of the Vento is the best, but it does not command a good resale value and is expensive to maintain. I am unhappy with the ride quality of my manual Honda City, and I like the features and the ride quality of the Ciaz. Now, I am confused and need your advice about which one to buy. Budget is not a constraint. My running is about 30km in the city on a daily basis with occasional highway running.
Ashit Shroff, Mumbai

AAA If you want to play safe, then go for the Ciaz as you can’t go wrong with it. As you mentioned, it has a good ride and comes with good features. However, the Ciaz which has an old-school four-speed automatic transmission is nowhere near as nice to drive as the others. Though the City’s ride isn’t as good as the Ciaz’s, it is not that much worse to make it a deal- breaker. The Honda CVT is far more responsive than the Ciaz and overall a better automatic sedan, and the one we would recommend. The Vento TSI is the nicest to drive, but like most VWs, it has a reputation of stinging you with a higher maintenance costs in the long run.

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