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A car with a good engine immobilizer

4th Nov 2015 4:45 pm

Suggest a couple of cars within my budget of Rs 7-8 lakh with a good engine immobilizer.

Kindly suggest a couple of cars within my budget of Rs 7-8 lakh, apart from Volkswagen and Skoda, with a good engine immobilizer that is difficult to break.
Rohitash, New Delhi

AAA All cars in the price range that you have specified come equipped with immobilizers. Maruti Ciaz, Honda City and, in a slightly higher range, Hyundai Verna, all have reliable engine immobilisers.

If you want additional security, there is nothing like a gear or steering lock to deter thieves from driving away with your car even if they manage to get inside and start the engine. All these measures will increase the amount of time that a car thief will need to make away with your vehicle, which increases the likelihood of him leaving your pride and joy alone.

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