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2009 Volkswagen Jetta needs new tyres

17th May 2015 8:00 am

We recommend the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 sized 225/50R16 or 205/55R16 sized Michelin Primacy 3ST for more comfort.

I need new wheels for my 2009 Volkswagen Jetta. The original wheels have crossed one-lakh km and are five years old. What would you recommend?
Ameen, Kanchi

AAA By wheels, we assume that you are looking to change the tyres. If you have managed to make the original set of tyres last for one-lakh km and five years, congratulations! You are incredibly lucky because even the toughest of tyres struggle to cross the 40,000km mark in Indian conditions. Since your Jetta is likely to be riding on 16-inch rims, we recommend the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 sized 225/50R16 as the replacement tyre [OEM is 205-section], as it is a good performance tyre in dry as well as wet conditions. If you are looking for a more comfort-oriented tyre and want to stick to the original 205-section footprint, you can go for the 205/55R16 sized Michelin Primacy 3ST.

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