Next-gen Toyota Supra brochure leaked

17th Feb 2017 4:44 pm

It’s likely to sport the ‘Gazoo’ badge and the production model could be ready by 2018; 3.0-litre version cranks out 344hp and 450Nm.

News of Toyota resurrecting the legendary ‘Supra’ sportscar has been doing rounds for a while. But now, a brochure, of what seems to be the production model, has been leaked online. This brochure, of course, reveals the car’s technical specifications, and if it’s legitimate, it also ratifies that the model will sport the Gazoo Racing moniker. A revealed portion of the car on the brochure indicates that the car is likely to share its styling with Toyota’s sporty FT-1 concept, which is surely not a bad thing.

About the numbers, the brochure reveals that the sportscar is 4,380mm long, 1,830mm wide, 1,280mm tall, has a wheelbase of 2,470mm (97 inches), and weighs between 1,350-1,430kg.

The range-starter will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre gasoline engine delivering 194hp and 320Nm of torque, while the motor is also going to be offered in a stronger 256hp and 400Nm state of tune. The most powerful version of the sportscar will use a 3.0-litre, six-cylinder engine that cranks out 344hp and 450Nm.

Toyota FT-1 concept

These engines are said to be sourced from BMW, and the outputs of the range-topping model, which are close to the BMW 340i’s, could be a sign of that. Along with the engines, the new Supra is also set to be underpinned by a new BMW platform which will also be used by the upcoming BMW Z5. It derives chassis components and engineering solutions from the current 3-series and its various derivatives, including the rear axle and five-link rear suspension from the M3/M4.

As stipulated from the start of the project, the new platform has been engineered to support both rear-wheel drive and, crucially for plans to provide both variants with petrol-electric hybrid power, four-wheel drive.

Toyota is likely to show a near-production Supra concept in October at the Tokyo Motor Show, while the road-going car could hit the road as early as 2018

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