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Chevrolet FNR-X concept debuts in Shanghai

21st Apr 2017 6:00 pm

The American automaker’s aggressively styled SUV concept could further preview a future Toyota CH-R rival for the international market.

Chevrolet revealed the FNR-X, a new SUV concept, at the Shanghai motor show. The concept features aggressive and edgy styling, suicide doors, and a B-pillar-less design.

The concept features a narrow grille flanked by sleek LED headlamps, an aggressive bumper with prominent vents and sill extensions, a power bulge on the bonnet, prominent creases along the flanks and an almost coupe-like profile, thanks to a sharply raked tailgate. At the rear, the windscreen nearly covers the entire upper section of the tailgate, with the tail-lamps set into a prominent crease that runs across the length of the boot lid.

The doors open to reveal a B-pillar-less design and a minimalistic interior featuring heavy usage of displays all across the cabin. There is a large central display on top of the centre console, presumably housing the car’s infotainment system, with a smaller display located near the base. A third display rests further down the central tunnel near the centre armrest. The driver gets a multifunction two-spoke steering, along with an all-digital instrument cluster. Interestingly, the dashboard features three more displays set further back atop the unit.

Chevrolet did not reveal any powertrain details, though it said that the SUV was powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Another interesting feature of the SUV is that its aerodynamics, ride height and engine power delivery could be altered for different conditions, including off-roading.

The concept could further preview an SUV from Chevrolet set to rival the like of the Toyota CH-R in international markets.

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