Bajaj Dominar 400 or Mahindra Mojo: Specifications comparison

We delve into the positives and negatives of each aspect of the Dominar and the Mojo to find out which serves its purpose better.

Now before you begin to question why Royal Enfield, KTM and Benelli haven't been included in this equation, I implore you to comprehend the stark similarity between the Bajaj Dominar 400 and the Mahindra Mojo. We'll let Royal Enfield skip this one simply because of its retro styling and very basic equipment when compared to the likes of these two; the Himalayan also happens to have the off-road adventure touring card up its sleeve. And we'll skip the KTMs and Benellis because of the vastly contrasting nature, and purpose of the motorcycles. What we are left with is two motorcycles that have modern naked styling, touring intent, comparable equipment features, similar dimensions, and would probably hold the attention of the same type of motorcyclist (riding-wise and budget-wise). Plus, both these motorcycles have equally entertaining tag-lines; 'Unleash your Mojo' and 'Dominate the Night' (dramatic much?).

The powder room
Both the Dominar 400 and the Mojo are styled along the lines of new-age, naked sports tourers. Mahindra may admit that the Mojo is a tourer, but Bajaj have decided to call the Dominar a power cruiser (Ducati may still be scratching their heads in bewilderment). While the Mojo has a facade that could appear bulky and awkward, it does have a certain charm to it that a few enthusiasts would really love. Let's face it, it does look rather intimidating and could be mistaken for a larger motorcycle. The eyebrow-like LED strips above the headlights may make the Mojo appear like an angry owl, or one of the Angry Bird video game characters maybe, but it does look quite nice. The Dominar 400's headlight setup on the other hand, while still quite beefy, looks the more proportional of the two. And that mosaic-like LED setup looks fresh and appealing, although it could very well be mistaken for one of the transformer's heads.

The Mojo's instrument cluster consists of an analogue tachometer that lights up with the revs, and a digital readout for the speedometer and other information. It can, however, get a bit hard to read in direct sunlight and is overly bright during night riding, which reduces a bit of vision in completely unlit situations. Bajaj have yet again gone more of the way of the Diavel with the Dominar's speedometer console. It gets a split console, with the handle-mounted one being all digital and quite easy to read, and the tank mounted LED-one with warning lights.

The tank on the Mojo is angular and chunky, and it gets these thick radiator shrouds on either side that compliment the exposed twin-rib chassis. Bajaj's fledgling on the other hand, appears to have the better tank design of the two. It could very well be a Botox-induced Pulsar NS 200 tank, but it does appear well-sculpted and mature. The elongated single seat setup on the Mojo seems functional, but the Dominar's split-seat setup looks wider and could very well be the more comfortable one. The protruding tail end on the Mojo is unconventional and looks quite nice by itself but compare it to the rest of the motorcycle and things start to get a bit disproportionate. The Dominar's tail end looks nice and thick and sports Bajaj's typical vertical twin-strip setup. But wait; doesn't the Diavel also have something quite similar? And where the Mojo unnecessarily gets two metal finished silencers (that do sound quite nice, actually), the Dominar gets a nice thick, matte-black finished single silencer that adds to its overall appeal.

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We bring you drives of the Maruti Ignis, the Skoda Kodiaq, the new 5-series and take you on a trip from India to Paris in a Renault Kwid. All that and lots more inside!
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