Jan 14 2016
Doug Revolta 
Cut import tax to kick-start the electric car revolution by Doug Revolta 
You can only buy one electric car in India, but the market outside of the country is filled with brilliant zero-emission cars. It's time to make them available here.

India has a crippling air pollution problem, and Delhi’s recently introduced controversial traffic regulations seem to point the finger of blame squarely at the automotive industry.

Jan 8 2016
Nikhil  Bhatia 
Tracking two decades of Auto Expo by Nikhil Bhatia 
Nikhil Bhatia was six years old when he witnessed his first Auto Expo in 1993. He hasn't missed any since. Here are notes from his diary.
The 2016 Auto Expo is around the corner and I’m really excited. I’ve been to every Auto Expo since the second one in 1993 (I wasn’t born when the inaugural one was held in 1986!) and even after all these years, it’s still a big, big event for a car nut like me.
Dec 14 2015
Staff Writer 
Old diesel cars are the problem in Delhi, not new ones by Staff Writer 
Instead of identifying the real perpetrators and reinforcing norms, the powers of Delhi seem to be looking for answers in all the wrong places.

I’ve got my two bits on the Delhi pollution control formula. It sucks. Being without a car in the NCR region can be absolutely crippling because of the massive distances that people cover in the course of a normal working day. An incident from when I was studying in Delhi will illustrate the NCR scale to those who haven’t been there. A friend of mine, visiting from Pune, requested directions to the nearest ATM, instead I requested him to wait and said I would take him there shortly. When we left home, he was taken aback when I hopped into the car, and completely stunned as I proceeded to drive to the nearest ATM that was a 7-10 minute drive away.  Coming from a city where people routinely refused to travel to any place more than 20 minutes away, he was completely flabbergasted!

Dec 12 2015
Shapur Kotwal 
Diesel ban and odd-even rule offer no solution for Delhi by Shapur Kotwal 
Pollution levels in Delhi are at an all time high; but the measures being put in place to clean the air are just absurd.

Air quality in the national capital of Delhi has severely deteriorated of late. Not only are lungs being affected, the drop in oxygen is impacting brains too. How else can you explain the downright ridiculous pollution reduction schemes currently being drawn up?

Dec 7 2015
Staff Writer 
Corrupted and ruined by Staff Writer 
The 425bhp BMW M4 is designed to spoil you rotten. That's what I learnt on my drive to Yellagiri.

I drive a Tata Nano. Actually I borrow my wife’s Tata Nano to get around town. And I enjoy driving it immensely. There’s nothing like flogging a small, weak on power car just for laughs. Often the question arises, “Don't I want something better and what would it be?” Although I have a good idea, I haven’t zeroed in on anything, but I know what it must absolutely have. Quite simply, a minimum of 400bhp.

Sep 23 2015
Shapur Kotwal 
One small step by Shapur Kotwal 
Blog: Maruti has cleverly adopted technology that works for best for Indian consumers.

Maruti is turning into a company driven by technology. The transformation may be gradual, the technology may not be Mercedes S-class-threatening and the steps may not be headline-grabbing either. But be under no delusion, if there's one company that's pioneered useable and practical technology today, it's good ol' Maruti.

Aug 10 2015
Hormazd Sorabjee 
What's in a name? by Hormazd Sorabjee 
Suzuki’s all-new hatchback has been christened the Baleno for Europe but in India, Maruti should call it the Zen.

The Baleno name has been brought back from the dead and given to Suzuki’s upcoming premium hatchback and i20 rival,which a lot of us know by its internal code, YRA.

Aug 3 2015
Staff Writer 
Pumping Losses by Staff Writer 
Filling up at the pump is an exercise that seems simple enough. But are you getting your money's worth?

I steer the bike into the fuel station, one I haven’t used before. I can already feel my hackles rising and teeth gritting involuntarily. Guilty until proven innocent? Sure. But, it's taking a toll on my two-wheeled happiness quotient. I’m trying to see which manoeuvre will they try this time? 1) The friendly tag team or 2) The deaf pump attendant?

Jun 14 2015
Shapur Kotwal 
The greatest race in the world by Shapur Kotwal 
On the cars, engines, technology, drivers and mad track that make the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2015.

It's called the greatest race in the world, and not for nothing. For starters, the circuit is just mad. A brilliant amalgamation of some of the finest corners anywhere, the Circuit la Sarthe truly has some breathtakingly fast corners, elevation changes and sections where driver skill makes a huge difference. Then there's the crazy, nearly 6km long Mulsanne straight, now punctuated by a couple of chicanes, and the fact that you are not just driving hard for 24 hours, but racing. What I love the most, however, is the tussle between the various technologies used by the cars; something missing in F1 today. 

May 25 2015
Staff Writer 
A good feeling by Staff Writer 
When the plusses and minuses are tallied, the Kwid's desirability leads by a massive margin.

Mini Cooper, Fiat Cinquecento and VW’s Beetle are icons, agreed? Today, they are style icons and very premium, but their beginnings were modest and tasked with unglamorous chores. Pack a family of five. Be affordable. Be cheap to run. Be cool. Almost accidentally, they were also fun and charming. Cheap and cheerful? It was a wonderful thing.

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